Arts & Sports Courses that Shape a Well-Rounded Personality
Kaiwen's Arts and Sports Courses are among the best in China and provide students with first-class learning environments, curriculum designs, and teachers. Students in different grades are provided with exclusive sports stadiums and courts, as well as professional music and dance studios, to ensure that Kaiwen students develop personal qualities that meet the high requirements of internationalized education.
Enrich the Inner Heart
Students who are new to art are like a blank canvas; we use art’s most natural beauty to enrich their inner hearts.
Improve Esthetics
Good esthetics guarantees an understanding of art. We firmly believe that esthetics is gradually formed, little by little, and we persist in integrating art education into every detail, constantly improving students' esthetic abilities.
Inspire Innovations
When immersed in an elegant artistic atmosphere long enough, students will receive a systematic knowledge of art theory and then get a taste of the spirit of innovation inherent in art, allowing students to achieve great success in the future.
Develop Personality
To promote sportsmanship, increase students' confidence, instill a respect for opponents, understanding of the culture behind the project, and development of strength, bravery, tolerance, and other necessary qualities.
Gain Insights into Diversified Cultures of the World
Students can learn about the cultural origins of different sports, such as tennis, golf, and baseball, and experience the charm of sports cultures from around the world.
Develop Stronger Body
Through professional sports training and intense sporting events, students can accumulate experience in competitive sports, acquire good physiques, and form good habits that are not easily forgotten.
Facilitate Learning of Language
Sports is the strongest teaching practical project, and provide students with an immersive learning environment, and for students' to practice a second language.