Top Club Activities
Kaiwen has nearly 60 clubs covering sports, music, the arts, science, creativity and more.
Kaiwen hires world-class teachers and adopts an American framework to comprehensively improve students' art and PE achievements as well as their international perspective.
Model United Nations
Model United Nations is a method for developing skills in research, writing, public speaking,negotiation, and conflict resolution through the “representation” of a country in simulations of UNcommittees. It involves researching your country’s positions on a range of issues, from security andeconomic challenges to environmental problems and human rights, and then drafting, debating,negotiating, and voting on resolutions to address those issues. Through this process, you gain anunderstanding of the country you represent, the United Nations, international issues, internationaldiplomacy, and international politics.
Math Club
Math club is for students interested in solving challenging problems and puzzles. You will be workingindependently, guided by a teacher / coach and will be entering Math competitions. Students musthave a good academic record to enter.
United States Academic Pentathlon® is a five-event scholastic competition for middle schoolstudents, providing the benefits of Academic Decathlon® along with the challenges of rigorous teamand individual competition. With five different subject areas in Academic Pentathlon, and a newcurricular theme each year, you will constantly be learning something different. Pentathlon uses thesame theme as Academic Decathlon which can create an entire curriculum. The more years youparticipate in Academic Pentathlon, the more themes you will master. These themes are developedby our curriculum team with special attention to national content standards. Your participation inPentathlon will allow you to become more knowledgeable and a stronger all-around student.
Media Club
KWA Media Club is a group of creative and talented students interested in all forms of media: Music,Film, Television, and Journalism. Throughout the year the club will work with the school to producewritten content, interviews, PSAs, commercials, highlight videos, short films, event promotional flyers,and music playlists for the school speaker system and public performances. All projects will bestudent driven. Meeting Times: Meetings will be once a week from 4:30-5:30 during the school year,but will require additional outside time to complete projects.
NEST Nature Club
We are NEST nature club . We mainly conduct activities on investigating the wildlife on campus andhelp improve the environment on campus. We look forward for you to join.