Top Club Activities
Kaiwen has nearly 60 clubs covering sports, music, the arts, science, creativity and more.
Kaiwen hires world-class teachers and adopts an American framework to comprehensively improve students' art and PE achievements as well as their international perspective.
Art Club
Art Club was developed with three goals in mind. The first is to make the art room accessible to allstudents, whether you are currently taking an art class or not. Those who wish to do artwork on aregular basis, are welcome to join. The second goal is to give students a chance to explore their ownart interests. The artwork done in class is usually an assigned project but the Art Club affordsstudents the time to do artwork of their own choice. The third goal is to help promote the Artsthrough projects that help make the school more beautiful. Public arts projects around campusencourage others to see the world through your art. The Art Club meets every Monday’s after school.And is open to all Middle and High School Students. Students can use this time to explore their owncreative interests and work on group projects.