Top Club Activities
Kaiwen has nearly 60 clubs covering sports, music, the arts, science, creativity and more.
Kaiwen hires world-class teachers and adopts an American framework to comprehensively improve students' art and PE achievements as well as their international perspective.
Volunteer Club
Do you want to help children who are not as lucky as you are? Do you want to have fun whiledeveloping leadership skills? Do you want to improve your chances of getting into a top university?Join the volunteer club!The volunteer club will be student lead. We will do what you want. In the past volunteer clubs havehelped pay for operations and medicine for poor children, provided books and clothes to those inneed, helped old people or handicapped people. We can do whatever the students want.Universities really like to see these types of activities on university applications, so it is a good chanceto do help others and yourself.
Business Club (School shop)
Discover the important elements of managing a business applied to the school tuck shop.Understand your customers whilst providing a range of products that meet all stakeholderrequirements. Work on special projects and compete against other teams on challenges. Highlymotivated and collaborative students can join.