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Chinese Debate
“Let's think smarter and let the mind go into the campus!” "Kaiwen Debating Society" has been in existence for more than two years. Compared with thetraditional memorization course, the Chinese Debate more attention to thinking, logic and debatingthinking. It is an important method to discover and cultivate innovative talents who arecontemplative and dare to express. one.During the semester, the Debating Society will have five games. Each debate topic will be selected bythe students. At present, we have prepared the following topics: Cleverness is transforming nature,intelligence is destroying nature; My destiny It is my dominance that is not God's dominance. Mydestiny is that God is not dominated by God. Gene editors have more advantages than harm tohumans. Gene editing is more harmful to human beings. The rise in divorce rate is a manifestation ofcivilized progress. The rise in divorce rate is a manifestation of civilization. The development of AIDSis a medical problem that outweighs social problems, AIDS development is a social problem overmedical problems, etc..., you want to participate in our debate society!Every student in the club has the opportunity to show themselves, we look at the materials together;we discuss current affairs topics together; we work together to think and debate the hot discussionaround us! The Kaiven Debating Society is a platform for Kaiven students to communicate,communicate, think, and speak. Join our team and we need your participation and support!