Ever Li
The Headmaster of Beijing Haidian Kaiwen Academy and the executive deputy manager of Kaiwen Education Group. From an IB economics teacher, SAT teaching authority to an international school educator, he has worked in the field of international education for many years. He is a famous school curriculum construction expert and has rich experience in study abroad counseling. He has published many inspiring books in education sector. He has participated in the curriculum design and teaching management of the International Department of many public schools in Beijing and Shenzhen. He has personally trained many students who have entered Harvard, Yale, Stanford and other well-known universities, and received appreciation letters from many universities and liberal arts colleges in the United States. He is a charismatic mentor that is popular among students. He has been researching and creatively implementing the dynamic reformations among schools. He is a firm idealist.
Madeleine Ma
Vice Principal
Ms. Ma has worked in municipal key schools for many years and is a municipal backbone teacher. She has taught in high-quality K-12 private schools in the United States. Now she is also responsible for the school certification of Cognia (American International School Certification Authority). She has successively engaged in the education and teaching management of ordinary senior middle schools, the education and teaching management and curriculum research and development of Chinese and foreign integrated curriculum projects, the management of Chinese and foreign teachers and the guidance and management of college entrance. She advocates the educational concept of "home and school work together to build a community and help children grow healthily", and she also advocates whole person education, and strives to do a good job in school education that "pays attention to students' lifelong development".
Ken Kitchens
Vice Principal and Head of Secondary School
Mr. Kitchens has over twenty years of international leadership and teaching experience in China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Korea, and Japan. A native of Atlanta, Georgia in the United States, he holds two master’s degrees as well as a Bachelor’s degree in United States. Prior to joining KWA, Mr. Kitchens was working as Principals in several international schools. With this wide range of multi-curriculum experiences, Mr. Kitchens is eager to contribute to the school’s future success!