Incremental Core Courses
A bilingual distinctive curriculum independently developed based on K-12 China National Curriculum Standards and Common Core State Standards.
The curriculum and class periods for high school students are arranged according to American high school curriculum, including challenging core academic courses, a large number of elective courses, and diverse co-curricular courses as well as considerate college counseling and significant community service opportunities, all of which prepare students for their upcoming university studies. According to American course arrangements, we offer the following courses:
Language courses include English 1-4 and Chinese.
Math courses include Algebra 1-2, Geometry, Calculus, etc.
Science courses include Physics, Chemistry, Geography, etc.
Social Science
Social Science courses include Chinese Social Sciences, World History, Economics, etc.
American AP Courses
Academic courses in high school are mainly American AP courses, covering not only commonly offered AP science courses but also AP liberal arts courses such as AP American History, AP Chinese, AP Music Theory, and AP World History.
Elective Courses
We offer high school students a wide range of elective courses, including: Other foreign language courses (such as French, Spanish, and Latin), Business and economics courses (Basic Business, Elementary Economics, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing), Computer courses (Computer Programming and Computer Animation Design), Personal development courses (such as Personality Development and Career Planning), Culture courses (American Culture) and more.
Credit System
The high school credit system allows students to choose courses they are interested in.
High school students can graduate only after they have completed 40 hours of community services and 40 hours of E-learning*. A variety of courses and multi-dimensional learning aim to develop students' outstanding abilities. Although four years of high school study is relatively long, Kaiwen teachers do their best to help students every day. We hope that our joint efforts will boost students' potential and help them discover, understand, and believe in themselves so they can enthusiastically and happily embrace the future.