Throughout our lives, there are always people who care for us and help us on our journey. Whether it’s our parents’ attentive care, our teachers’ tireless instruction, or our classmates’ assistance and friendship, we are encouraged.

On November 24, we celebrated the first Thanksgiving Day since Kaiwen’s opening. Every corner of the campus was full of warmth, and we had an unforgettable day full of a variety of activities.

Writing letters to parents

In the classroom, children used their little hands to make Thanksgiving cards for their parents. The warm and bright colors expressed students’ love and gratitude to their parents.

Fun making posters

Teachers and students sketched Thanksgiving themed posters line by line. The artworks’ different features display the each person’s creativity and wisdom. The joy of working together gave us a sense of achievement. Thanks to those who accompany us in our growth.

A treasure hunt for children

The holiday celebration is also a moment to gather together! Would you like to get a holiday gift pack? It's a test for our agility and wisdom. Getting a "turkey" in the Thanksgiving bowling match, finding clues during the mysterious treasure hunt, and other interesting games allowed us to feel the happiness of friendship.

Roast turkey is a must on Thanksgiving day. However, in the bowling world, a turkey means three strikes in a row. One word, two meanings. Get it?

Get a beautiful strike!

Come here! I found a treasure!

Each beautiful feeling is worth remembering. Learning to be grateful is a necessity on our path to growth. Today, we sow the seeds of thanksgiving in our hearts and express our gratitude in different ways. On our future path to growth, we must not forget to be grateful for the little things; this is where we find the true meaning of life.

Thanksgiving Day is a holiday created by the American people and is a time for families to gather together. When it first started, there was no set date for Thanksgiving Day; each American state had chosen its own day for celebration before President Lincoln declared Thanksgiving Day to be a national holiday in 1863.