Basking in the warn winter sunshine of Beijing, which has just experienced a little snow, all the teachers and students of Kaiwen Academy went to the Lafayette Castle for an out-of-school fun experience tour.

The winter cold failed to dampen the studentsenthusiasm.

Scene of the Experience Tour


 On the same day, students of different grades engaged in different activities. Grade 1-3 students participated in succulent plants transplanting, baking, tie dyeing, embossing, and other interesting activities. Grade 4-6 students built a crazy roller coasterand an air pineapplewith their dexterous hands. Grade 7-8 students learned how to identify genetically modified foods under the guidance of the teacher. The boys and girls in Grade 9-10 set an example for students in lower Grades by excellently completing the difficult task of extracting plant DNA and cooking authentic spicy cabbage, or kimchia representative South Korean delicacy.

Hands-on identification of genetically modified foods

Extraction of plant DNA

Cooperating to build the highly difficult "crazy roller coaster"


One last touch to the well-designed product

Tie-dye is a highly skilled traditional Chinese craft

Delicious cupcakes

 Filling out the Learning Task Ordercarefully

Guess what I am making?"

Mystery solved... Air pineapple.Have you guessed right?

Trying their hands at South Korean spicy cabbage, or kimchi, for the first time 

Through this trip, we hope that Kaiwen students can have a more profound and newer understanding of the word beauty.At the same time, we hope this series of experience activities will stimulate studentscuriosity and desire for learning, and cultivate their sense of innovation and practical abilities.