For last weeks Kaiwen Art Class, Kaiwen Academy (Haidian) organized a wonderful art tour for students in Grades 4 and 5 to the 4th Dialogue with Leonardo da VinciArt and Science Exhibitionheld in the art museum at Tsinghua University.


The exhibition, which is a feast of art, displayed the latest art creations in the art and science fields. It allowed the children to appreciate da Vinci’s works at close range.

The teacher patiently explains something to the students.


The exhibition not only presented the latest contemporary art creations in the international art and science fields, but also interpreted the relationship between art and science from multiple respects. The exhibits include 60 da Vinci’s “Codice Atlantico” manuscripts and device models, as well as the 16th-century Vespino’s copy of da Vinci’s mural, “The Last Supper.”

Kaiwen teachers and students alike were awed by the wide range of da Vinci’s works of art. The exhibition of part of da Vinci’s original manuscripts helped the children have a deeper understanding of the talent of this peerless artistic genius in various fields.

Students attracted to the exquisite exhibits.

Copy the painting on-site.


The trip used the unique art resources to guide students to feel the art around them. It is hoped that by going to exhibitions and appreciating various original masterpieces, the students can learn to appreciate the works of art and express themselves through their own artistic creations.

While allowing Kaiwen students to understand da Vinci’s outstanding artistic achievements and his amazing talent more deeply, the exhibition also gave the students a clearer idea about the requirements for artistic innovation. An interest in art is like a key that opens the door to art. It is not only the driving force for learning art but also the source of inspiration for artistic innovation. In the long artistic journey, the seeds planted one at a time will eventually lead to a garden of flowers in the future. We believe that the knowledge Kaiwen children accumulate on each of their exhibition trips will be very useful for their future artistic accomplishments!


As an art, sports, and science and technology-led bilingual school for quality education, Kaiwen Academy has always emphasized the cultivation of students’ cognition and perception of beauty, and letting art attract students with its charm. The school has also worked hard to mobilize students’ enthusiasm for art, and create for them an unfettered, relaxed, and happy artistic atmosphere, so that they can have a more intuitive and entirely new artistic experience, and improve their artistic thinking and abilities.

Salvia and Printing Method, classic da Vinci manuscript, 1508-1510


Kaiwen Art Class is a co-curricular art course that Kaiwen Academy (Haidian) offers in addition to its core courses. From time to time, the school will organize students to participate in artistic activities, and invite artists to teach Kaiwen children.

Part of the art exhibits