01 How is the student dormitory?

With a construction area of 5,850 square meters, the dormitory with professional dormitory teachers can accommodate 480 students. In principle, KWA only provides accommodation for students in Grades 6-12. If students in Grades 1-5 need to live at school for special reasons, it should be discussed and determined at the working conference of principals.

02 How is KWA's catering service operated and managed?

Beijing Kaiwen Academy provides catering services for students through the Beijing Kaiyu Xinde Catering Management Co., Ltd., which is operated and administrated by a team with rich catering operations experience in a number of international schools. The school serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. During students' meal times, teachers and cafeteria staff oversee students' dining, to help students develop and maintain good and civilized eating habits. Safety and nutrition are our school's food services guidelines.

03 How is the school bus equipped?

Beijing Haidian Kaiwen Academy provides school bus service for students. School bus service organization is Beijing Yiliang School Bus Operation Management Co., Ltd.

Beijing Yiliang School Bus Operation Management Co., Ltd. is a professional school bus operation service company. The company has a large number of management teams with rich experience in school bus management, and the purchased school buses are all first-line brand school buses with national professional school bus qualifications.

At present, there are 12 school bus lines in Beijing Haidian Kaiwen Academy. Each school bus is equipped with a school bus teacher to manage students in the whole process, and keep synchronous communication with parents on the way to and from school. Each school bus is equipped with safety belt, negative oxygen ion air purifier, monitoring probe, safety hammer (alarm), fire extinguisher and three-way image monitoring.