Addie Christian
International Head of Primary School
A passionate educator, Addie Christian has extensive experience as an instructional leader, curriculum designer, and Cognitive Coach. Addie understands the importance of strategic planning at both operational and instructional levels. She empowers teachers through shared leadership, which increases their collective efficacy, which in-hand, increases student learning. She led a team of teachers and coaches in the creation of the Math and Science Scope and Sequence, which was used at 85 schools. Also, she was a lead member of the team that trained teachers and principals on the implementation of the Common Core State Standards and their assessments. She has extensive knowledge in developing units of study following the Understanding by Design framework, which emphasizes the importance of evidence-based learning. As evidence of the belief in continuous learning, Addie will earn the Certificate in School Management and Leadership from Harvard University in the spring of 2021. She completed her Bachelor's of Science, Master's of Education of Curriculum and Instruction, and Supervision and Administration Certification from Middle Tennessee State University.
Denise Jiang
Head of Primary School
Denise Jiang is an experienced interpreter and educator holding a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Guangdong Ocean University and was selected in an exchange program with West Carolina University and is currently in a Master of Education Degree program at Concordia University. She started her career as an educator in early 2014 and has continually gained knowledge and understanding of the American and British curriculums over the past years while working in international schools in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing. She has met outstanding educators from all over the world and has been through wholistic mentorship. She has an ever-growing love and passion in education and consistently provides support and guidance to her students to reach their goals. She always demonstrates compassion and respect to her students, and encourages them to develop an independent, creative, caring, and cooperative mindset. She also loves to inspire young students to explore, to create, and to think critically during their process of acquiring knowledge. As a life-long learner, Denise hopes to strengthen the minds of her students and be an example for them to look up to and follow.
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